Parrot Learning

Learn Chinese Tones and Phrases APP for Android.

Parrot Learning’s Mandarin App focuses on perfecting proper tones and pronunciation. The APP has over 12,500 professionally recorded words and phrases. Playback speed can be slowed for longer, complex phrases or increased to test your listening comprehension. You can even record your voice and compare it to the APP audio file. Each word or phrase has a Mandarin and English audio file.

Words and phrases are based on travel scenarios you’ll encounter in China and chapters include Travel Essentials, Arrival & Departures, At The Hotel, Domestic Travel Booking, Transportation, Eating & Drinking, Entertainment, Sightseeing, Shopping, Emergency, Personal Necessities, Socializing, Expressing Emotions and English/Chinese Dictionary. Chapters include sections such as Overview, Useful Signs, Speaking, Listening, Dialogue and Keywords.

The APP also features a record function where you can record and listen to your own voice and you can even visually compare your voice against the APP audio file.